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Advice and tips for both blackberry smart phone and enterprise server.

Blackberry activation fails with Too many devices are connected to this account

I recently ran into this error when trying to put someone on a new blackberry (Q10/Z10)

Too many devices are connected to this account

I read a lot of information online but I didn’t find any forums with a fix. Another tech in our group finally found the solution.

You need to get the user to login to OWA and go into Options, Phone.

In here you will find all devices they have listed in their account. The default limit is 10 devices in Exchange.  Going into OWA this way will let you clean that up. This won’t apply to most users unless they swap devices often for testing.

How to fix default calendar choice/sync for new entries on Blackberry Z10/Q10

This one has haunted me for some time and I found what looks to be an answer.

This for anyone using a (new) blackberry tied to BES.  The issue occurs when you add an item to your calendar. It will default to creating a new item using the local calendar.

Users complain they can’t get their calendar items in Outlook.

The fix I found is to disable Personal Apps from using the work network.

When you swipe down from the top, press on the Balance icon.

The option I mentioned is at the top. Turn it off and go to add a new item to your calendar.

It should now default to your work calendar. I created this as a policy for a select group of users who are testing.


How to view PDF files on your Blackberry for free

For anyone with a Blackberry (the older models, not sure for the Z10/Q10), you know you can’t browse and view PDF files natively unless attached to an email. The only option when browsing is to save them locally. An app is available for 9.99 to view PDFs if you really want but I’ll present my work around.

Anytime you get an email with an attached PDF, your blackberry will kick off the built in viewer. There is no way I know of to use that outside of email. My work around is to save the file locally and then email it to myself as an attachment. Once I get the email, I can then view the PDF with the internal viewer.

Note: depending on the size of the PDF and your data plan, you may want to only do this when on wifi. Keep in mind you are using 3x the file size of data usage to do this trick (1. The original download, 2. the send and 3. The re-receive). So be careful or the 9.99 app cost will be peanuts in comparison.

A service that would email you the PDF to you instead would be neat. I’m just not sure the cost. Stay tuned!

Converting BES 10 from trial to full

My Blackberry 10 server was in trial mode and just expired. I had to jump through a few hoops to get it going again and wanted to pass it on to save someone else hours of work. If you have an existing Bes 5 you can trade up your license packs here. I will include information below on where to find the license information but first want to add a tip.

The trade up site let’s you split your existing license packs. It will say you can only put in a key once. I did a complete pack of 5 because it sounded like I couldn’t go back later. I later learned when you split them, it will actually give you a new key to put back on your BES5. So based on that, you can go back from leftover license as they aren’t the same.

Click here to find where to find your license for 5 or older.

The license location on BES10 is here:

BlackBerry Solution topology > BlackBerry Domain > Component view > View (BlackBerry Administration Service)

You need to edit the existing (expired trial) and replace it with the new one. My trial count was 20. Once I did this, it changed to 5.

I did that and still got an error that it was in expired eval mode and Device service won’t start. I tried the fix here with no luck as the update install wouldn’t complete.

The fix for me was to re-run bes_10.0.0a.exe setup and when I got to the device service part, I put in the new CAL.  Some sevices won’t be running at this point, so reboot the server and you should be good to go.