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How to copy only security information with Robocopy

This one is more of a quick note.

I had copied files from an old file server to a new one and thought the permissions moved over fine. For some reason, ownership and permissions didn’t match.

I needed a straightforward way to fix the permissions due to the volume of data I was dealing with. This did the trick for me:

robocopy <source> <destination> /secfix /copy:atsou /e /xx /xd Dfsrprivate 

/secfix fixes file security info but needs details on what to correct

/copy:atsou says to grab all information except for Data (it would be DATSOU in that case.) My memory trick for the /copy: switch is if someone says Atsou.. you say bless you. You only pass information with them and don’t want their content 😉

/e is subdirectories, even empty ones

/xx will ignore new files or folders in case changes were made since

/xd Dfsrprivate  (Folder to avoid.  You can skip this if you don’t use DFS replication)

Finally MCSA 2008

I got my MCSA 2008 today. Now I get to focus on my next cert which is VMWare 5.5 (VCP-DCV I think)

Not many seem to view my site but I’m glad for the comments from the ones that do and glad to know some of my tips have helped them.

I hopefully can now start posting more often.

Take care all.

Site New Year’s Resolution

Hi all,

not sure who does read my posts but I aim to try to put up a post every day for 2014.

I am still deep in working towards my MCSA 2008, and then MCSA 2012. I sometimes get busy studying outside of family time (it’s slim but it does exist).  I won’t even mention looking towards VCP5 later. I also have fitness goals to pursue which is another site (or Youtube channel) entirely.

I feel I have a lot of tips and tricks to share. Some are undocumented and are due to a combination of features.  I have also figured out some standard stuff that is not as clear to understand when trying to find good resources online.

I still want to add tidbits that I feel will help other admins and those who strive to move up to take on bigger challenges. Sometimes it’s just stuff that is good to know. Other times, it can be a lifesaver.  In a sense, this site is also a way to return the favor to all the sites whose answers have helped me over the years.

I always appreciate feedback and welcome constructive criticism. I feel if you should be able to stand up to questioning and justify your work.

Anyone reaching out for help also helps me as it challenges me to find answers to questions I haven’t even thought of.

That’s it for now. Please check it now and then and hopefully something I post helps you out.

Happy new year to everyone. In 2014, may you never stop learning and always find yourself smarter than you were the day before.


Back after MCTS Hiatus

Hi all, not sure who is following my blog at this point but I have taken a bit of break while studying for my 70-640 test.

I’m glad to say I passed and will continue on the road towards a 2012 upgrade. For anyone who asks why I didn’t start with 2012. I have so much knowledge of 2008, I didn’t want to waste time put into it. I also still work with everyday and wanted to hone those skills.

I will start putting up more regular posts now. Would love to hear if there are any areas people liked and want to hear more about.

Comments always welcome 🙂