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Where google hides their cache

I always liked google’s cached page feature. It serves me well for those times when my searches finally yield that holy grail page I’ve been looking for. Only I go to click on it and the link is dead!

I hadn’t used the cache feature for awhile and couldn’t find it. I thought I’d share that it is still there and how to find it. It used to be that you could hover over the search result and get double (>>) arrows beside it. It’s now in a new spot.

Look at the link in the search result and click the green down arrow on the right. You will see cached option, as well as Similar and Share.

Switching back to old compose in GMail

I tried out the new popup compose and I like the old one. If you do too, here is where to find the option to switch back.

Just compose a new email and look for the arrow/triangle at the bottom.

When you compose a new message, you will get a notice about the new way. Just click “Ok, got it” and you won’t be bothered again.